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  • CV-6 = USP 5/0
  • RH-13 Nadel, Halbkreis
  • Fadenlänge 61cm
  • 1 Dutzend

Hersteller: GORE

Lieferzeit: 3-10 Tage


GORE-TEX® Das einzigartige, atraumatische Nahtmaterial ist ein monophiles, nichtresorbierbares Nahtmaterial aus reinem, gerecktem PTFE mit einer hochporösen Mikrostruktur. (ePTFE).

Tissue Tolerance

The biocompatibility and inertness of GORE-TEX® ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) allows for GORE-TEX® Sutures to remain in the oral environment for as long as 2 to 4 weeks.


Low friction and the smooth, supple nature of GORE-TEX® Sutures allow for superior handling and provide flexibility in the positioning of a square knot.


The monofilament GORE-TEX® Suture is not subject to bacterial wicking sometimes associated with multifilament sutures.

USP: CV-8 = 7/0, CV-7 = 6/0, CV-6 = 5/0, CV-5 = 4/0, CV-4 = 3/0